The Campagna Center's Diamond Jubilee

Our June 6th, 2020 Diamond Jubilee has been cancelled due to the recent state of COVID-19. We are planning to reschedule our Jubilee for spring 2021. When we have more confirmed we will share those details with you. We would like to extend a thank you to all of our wonderful Jubilee Sponsors, Host Committee members, auction donors, volunteers, and supporters. If you would like to support us during this time please donate here.

Please click here to view our Guardian Angels! Thats what we've named the generous, committed group of Sponsors and Host Commitee members that have reached out and reaffirmed their intention to let us keep their event contribution. 

Thank you to our DIamond Jubilee Guardian Angels!

Business Partner of the Year


Sapphire Sponsors

Frank & Betty Wright Foundation


George & Ashley Wilson


Ruby Sponsors



The Perfall Family Foundation


Emerald Sponsors

Janice & Kim Abraham


Pearl Sponsors




Wil & Marina Alveno  Pat & Bill DePuy  Anne & Donald Grant Kelly

Laura & Tom Lawler  Paula Lettice  Tammy & Cedric Mann

Steve & Liza May  Bridget & John Weaver

Corinne Birdsong Winburn



Carats & Facets Sponsors

Robert Coward & Kelley Baker, Virginia & Richard Banchoff, Joy Myers & Tom Barnett, Jay & Karen Beckhorn, Robin Blair, Liz & Matt Bowman,William & Sally Brierre, Suzanne Brock, Thomas & Sally Brown, Chris & Jim Byrnes, Mary & Skipp Calvert, Anne Marie & Chuck Chotvacs, Donna Clausen, Alice & James Close, Debbie & Steve Cohen, Sharmili & Stratton Edwards, Lee & Ted Ellett, Maggie & Mark Fitzsimmons, Richard Galanis, Carrie & Jim Garland, Kim & Joe Gess, Laura & Chris Hartman, Lindsay Hutter, Kristen Nunnally, Peter & Sarah McElwain, Shawn & Cassie McLaughlin, Deborah Warren & Jim Moran, Brooke Terry & Chris Moore, Patty Owens, Stephanie & John Parkes, Teddie & Mike Reilly, Jan & Jay Test, Baiju Vora, Stephanie & Samuel Wiggins, Kiely & Scott Wilkerson, Gene & John Wilmer, Nancy Ziegler.