The 50th Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend

As we face the reality of the extraordinary efforts it will take to keep COVID19 under control in our community until a vaccination is available, The Campagna Center has determined it will not be able to host the 50th Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend (SCWW). More than a lost opportunity for the community to come together to enjoy this festive weekend, it also represents a vital lifeline to the mission of the work we do in Alexandria. Each year the SCWW generates over $250,000 in revenues such that the work of our organization and programs like Building Better Futures, New Neighbors and our Early Learning Center at St. James can operate. 
In the year ahead we anticipate significant financial challenges as we continue in our efforts to be here for our families and do all we can to protect the health and safety of our staff. We know that the cost of providing services will be greater given the need to practice social distancing and provide PPE for staff and our clients when virtual approaches to service provision fall short of meeting needs. This will be especially true for in person early education and child care for school age children. 
In the coming weeks and months, you’ll hear more from The Campagna Center as we develop alternate plans to virtually engage with our community and garner the support we need. Please consider a gift to support our Alexandrian’s in need.