About Us

About the Campagna Center

The Campagna Center, Alexandria’s leading not-for-profit organization, equips children and families with a comprehensive set of tools they need to thrive and succeed. Since 1945, we have served the community by offering a range of programs that foster a dedication to learning among children, youth, and adults. Over 2,000 children and families take advantage of our services on a daily basis.


We pledge to make a measurable difference in the life of every child and family served. A crucial element of this vow is our deep commitment to quality and results: we track the progress of every program we conduct, whether we are ensuring that young children arrive at school ready to learn, setting school-age children on a path to becoming productive adults, or supporting and empowering adults and families.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver exceptional educational and social development programs for children, teens, and adults.


Our History

The Campagna Center is a not-for-profit human services organization that taps deeply into community resources to provide programs that strengthen families and help children become caring, productive adults.


Financials & Annual Reports

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