Memoirs of a Campagna Center Volunteer

Centenarian Virginia Wade Ames has led a life of creativity, using the arts to express her love of life, people, and beauty. Ames is a cultural catalyst, not only bringing interesting people together but also seeing potential for bringing about good - her work to get the Torpedo Factory Center for the Arts established and her volunteer days at The Campagna Center are prime examples.

In The Wayfarers Ames takes us back to the 1970 cross-country road trip with daughter, Mary, and their critical look into a century of social change - including race relations, revolutionary politics, the auto, space exploration, and flight. Ames' epic journey is combined with stories of a lifetime of issues that continue to touch our lives.

Gale Curcio, the Director of Curcio Communications and a freelance writer in Alexandria, VA, wrote a moving book review on the former Campagna Center volunteer's novel - we invite you to read the review and purchase Ames' inspiring story on Amazon.