Campagna Center News

'The Power of Collective Impact'

Article by our President & CEO Dr. Tammy L. Mann in the September 10 issue of the Alexandria Gazette Packet. Dr. Mann is chairman of the Children, Youth & Families Collaborative Commission that advocates for Alexandria's children and youth. Dr. Mann believes in the importance and power of collective impact to help us all achieve our goals, and highlights important steps we all must take if we want our community to thrive.

The Business Leaders Circle for April 22 - Dr. Alvin L. Crawley and Joan G. Ogilvy Holden with Joseph V. Haggerty

The Campagna Center is proud to announce that The Business Leaders Circle for April 22, featuring a conversation between Dr. Alvin L. Crawley and Joan G. Ogilvy Holden, now has a distinguished moderator:

Joseph V. Haggerty, Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President, United Way Worldwide, and 2014 Alexandria Chamber Board Chairman.  With his extensive leadership experience and community invovlement, Mr. Haggerty is sure to enhance what is already an important conversation on educating children in a diverse, complex and changing world.