Senior Management Team


Cidney Brunson joined The Campagna Center as the Senior Director of Early Childhood Programs after relocating from NYC. Ms. Brunson earned a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and over the last 18 years, has spent her professional career focusing on early childhood leadership and elementary operations, specializing in non-profit leadership, organizational management, strategic planning, and professional development.  Ms. Brunson is responsible for the oversight and leadership of The Campagna Center's Early Childhood Programs, which includes curriculum implementation, staff development and supervision, and analyzing data outcomes. Ms. Brunson also works to strengthen our Early Childhood Program’s mission by focusing on child-centered learning and implementing measures to ensure continuous quality. Wanting to continue to serve in the field of early childhood on a broader level within a city, Ms. Brunson felt that The Campagna Center was an established organization with a rich history and fully met her goals of serving families and children by providing high-quality programs that support education.