Bright Futures Benefit

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The Campagna Center, Alexandria's leading not-for-profit organization, equips children and families with a comprehensive set of tools they need to thrive and achieve a bright future

Friday, June 7, 2019

for the Third Annual


United Way Worldwide
701 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

Click here to view photos from our second annual Bright Futures Benefit!

The Campagna Center helps children and families from cradle to career by providing high quality early learning experiences, health and nutrition awareness, before- and after-school programs, enrichment learning and guidance through high school and classes for English language learners. For over 70 years, The Campagna Center has been helping children, teens and adults in Alexandria reach their potential. The Junior Friends of The Campagna Center provide critical fundraising and volunteer support to the Center and help coordinate and plan events such as the Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend and Bright Futures Benefit.






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The Perfall Family Foundation

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Janice & Kim Abraham  Richard Morton & Dottie Bennett

Bill & Pat DePuy  Jennifer & Tim Gale

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Bridget & John Weaver

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Amy & Larry Alberson  Dave Millard & Mary Ann Best 

Kris & Tom Clark • Donna Clausen  Richard Galanis

Carrie & James Garland  Magaly Galdo-Hirst & Tom Hirst 

Joe & Kim Gess  • Paula Lettice  John & Christina Lytle 

Anne & Don Kelly  Tammy & Cedric Mann  

Deborah Warren & Jim Moran • Joyce Shields  

Stephanie & Samuel Wiggins 


Anne Best Rector & Tim Allen • Montez Anderson & Kelly Epps-Anderson

Maria Bowman & Jonathon Ansley  Robert Coward & Kelley Baker 

Jenifer & Karl Baker   Jay & Karen Beckhorn • Tyrone B. & Brenda Bradley 

 Michele & Bill Brandon  Katelin Moomau & Matthew Briney 

Kristin & Mason Butler  Skipp & Mary Calvert • Suzanne & Garrett Carlough  

Diann Hicks Carlson & Jim Carlson  Anne Marie & Charles Chotvacs • Blair Blake & Dave Cleary 

Alice & Jim Close  Kerry & Jack Delaney  Kelly & Edward Donovan 

Joseph & Leslie Edwards  Jennifer & Chris Ferrara 

Carter & Michael Flemming   Joseph Haggerty  Laura & Chris Hartman  

Brittany Patterson Hill & Geoff Hill • Jeannine Ginivan Hyde & Thomas Hyde  

Frank & Caroline Jolly  Emily & Michael Kaplun • Meaghan & Christopher Kent

Casey & John Kincheloe • Elizabeth & Benjamin Klein • Tara Knox & Jim Kornick 

Maribeth & Jeffrey Lowe  Mindy Lyle • Brian Bonnet & Carey Meushaw  Dan & Martha Mica

Peter & Sarah McElwain  • Brooke Terry & Chris Moore • Tom Barnett & Joy Myers 

Elizabeth Noyes  Dan & Abby O'Shea • Stephanie & John Parkes  John & Bonnie Porter 

Virginia Rocen  Shaara & Rafael Roman • David & Dani Sauter 

Robin & Joshua Shultz • Kari & Paul Steinberg  Gregory Stieber 

Baiju Vora • James & Tracy Wentworth  Amanda Seese Whelan & Timothy Whelan 

Kiely & Scott Wilkerson • Jenny Quinn & Ashley Young  Kathryn & Joseph Zajac

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Erika Baum  Sonya Besteiro  Robin Blair •  Rebecca Bostick • 

Katie Coleman   Anne Culbert  Sarah Dariano  Diane Darvey

Nicole Fratianne  Lindsay Hutter  Tom McHugh • Jennifer Mellon  Patty Owens 

Patti Rouzie • Melissa Russell • Nicole Selby  Delia Sullivan

Rebecca Thistlethwaite  Krista Tongring  Nancy Ziegler  Chryssa Zizos