Program and Operations Leader
Director of St. James Early Learning Center

Paulette Shannon joined The Campagna Center as the Director for Campagna Center’s new venture-St. James Early Learning Center. Ms. Shannon earned a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and has spent over 20 years of her professional career focusing on leadership development, teaching and implementing Developmental Appropriate Practices in Early Childhood Education, specializing in public school and faith-based organizations, with a focus in strategic planning, recruitment, and professional development. Ms. Shannon is responsible for the oversight and leadership of Campagna at St. James Early Learning Center, which includes development of staff, curriculum implementation, and supervision the overall program. Ms. Shannon also works to strengthen relationships between our local community college, so students in their educational programs have opportunities to gain the necessary experiences and skills needed to complete their degree programs. Ms. Shannon wants to continue to serve in the field of Early Childhood Education and felt that The Campagna Center was an established non-profit organization with a developed history that would help fuel her goals of serving young children and their families with high-quality supports and educational programs that ensure each child reaches their fullest potential.