Board Member
Office Manager, Sweet Tooth Family Dental

Tomashia Cornitcher considers herself a blessed mother of three talented children who range in age from 6 to 11 years old. Her children have inspired her to be courageous and persistent when faced with meeting life’s challenges. She credits her children with helping her come to know The Campagna Center. She devotes herself to learning about any organization or activity that involves her children. Tomashia has served as a volunteer in Campagna Classrooms, organized teacher appreciation days, and served as an active member of our Policy Council. In 2019 she was elected by her peers to serve as Policy Council Chair. She was able to participate in a conference in Richmond that highlighted Alexandria’s early childhood work sponsored by the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation. Tomashia is passionate about children and The Campagna Center. She believes that all children should have the opportunity to thrive. She is deeply aware of and committed to the work Campagna does to help many families, including herself, remain in the city. She made a promise that if given the opportunity to serve, she would gladly step forward given the support she has received from the organization.

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