Our mission is to deliver exceptional educational and social development programs for children, teens, and adults. We offer early childhood education, health and nutrition awareness, before- and after-school programs, tutoring and mentoring, career and college readiness planning, and classes for English language learners.

We achieve our mission by partnering with parents; schools; local, state, and federal governments; faith-based institutions; and individuals, corporations, and foundations that share our belief that the entire community benefits when individuals are able to achieve their highest potential.

Partner with Us


Our vision is to inspire a commitment to learning and achievement among children, teens, and adults that has the power to change their lives and our community.


The outcomes we aim for include:

  • Children arrive at school ready to learn and are academically and socially successful at each grade level
  • Adults gain the skills they need to become self-sufficient and successful
  • Community stakeholders are actively involved in supporting efforts that benefit individuals in our community
  • We operate as a high-performing organization committed to excellence


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