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Senator Warner Visits Campagna Center

May 21, 2021


Alexandria, VA – The Campagna Center, Alexandria’s leading nonprofit organization focusing on educational and social development services for children and families, today welcomed Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) for a roundtable discussion on how COVID-19 has affected the childcare workforce.

Leaders of the child care sector across Alexandria voiced their comments and questions for the Senator.

As reported in The Zebra: “Th[e] issue of one-time capital was a theme which paralleled diversity at Friday’s roundtable. Senator Warner listened with thought and responded with candor, applying both his feelings of compassion and knowledge of data to his answers.

The Senator encouraged the acquisition of those one-time capital payments—In March, the American Rescue Plan was signed into law, providing approximately $800 million to Virginians, $306 million of which is specifically designated towards Virginia Child Care and Development Block Grants—but he went beyond the numbers to suggest potential future solutions.

Senator Warner posited potential steps to take towards achieving…progress for supporting the childcare workforce.

“How do we get everyone who’s doing this on the same page?” Senator Warner queried. “Everyone, politicians included, has to be on the same page across all the sectors of child care.””

The Campagna Center looks forward to continuing to work with leaders at the local, state, and national level to pursue solutions for children and families seeking educational and social development supports.


About Campagna Center: The Campagna Center, Alexandria’s leading nonprofit organization, equips children and families with a comprehensive set of tools they need to thrive and succeed. Since 1945, we have served the community by offering a range of programs that foster a dedication to learning among children and adults. Over 2,000 children and families take advantage of our services on a daily basis.

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